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  1. A 'Cool Idea' That's Beyond The Moon

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 18-07-2019
    It’s amazing where a great idea can take you. And with the support of our Cool Idea Award, the sky’s not even the limit.

    FarmBot is a past winner of our manufacturing grant for ‘cool ideas’. It’s...
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  2. Protolabs offers 15% Discount on Polyjet Orders

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 03-05-2019
    Our PolyJet 3D printing service offers outstanding detail, precision and surface smoothness for your prototyping requirements. PolyJet can build parts in as fast as 1 day and is well suited to the...
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  3. We've seen our customers create some amazing...

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 02-05-2019
    We've seen our customers create some amazing parts with 3D Printing services. As you rightly say 3D Printing is great for creating complex geometries that you otherwise couldn't with some more...
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  4. Protolabs Launches £50,000 competition to turn cool ideas into reality

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 10-04-2019
    Today, we are doing something we think is pretty cool.

    We are officially launching our £50,000 Cool Idea annual awards scheme across Europe to help turn brilliant ideas into reality.

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  5. Making the Impossible Possible – Copper 3D Printing

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 05-04-2019
    With 3D printed copper parts now available from Protolabs, the realm of possibility has opened up even wider for design engineers!Until last year if you were a design engineer wanting copper parts...
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  6. A Tough Part – Anodised Aluminium

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 21-03-2019
    Did you know that aluminum oxide, the protective layer formed by anodising aluminium, is almost as hard as a diamond making it extremely abrasion resistant? It also offers excellent resistance...
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  7. Protolabs Launches Secondary Services

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 20-02-2019
    Many of our customers require finished parts straight from the plastic injection moulding or CNC machining process. Many others, however, want or need additional ‘secondary operation’ performed on...
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  8. Protolabs Kicks Off Secondary Services Across Europe With Detailed Measurement And Inspection Reporting

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 12-02-2019
    Protolabs has kicked off 2019 with the introduction of detailed measurement and inspection reporting, the first part of the company’s in-house secondary services offering across Europe, and in...
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  9. Protolabs Launches High Performance 3D Printing Alloy - Inconel 718 - For Applications In The Aerospace Sector

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 25-01-2019
    Protolabs, the world's fastest digital manufacturing source for custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, has announced the addition of Inconel 718 to its growing list of Direct Metal Laser...
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  10. For Parts With Cylindrical Features, Using a Lathe May be Your Best Option.

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 29-11-2018
    It was once a no-brainer. Round parts were turned on lathes; non-round parts were machined on mills. With the advent of CNC machining centres, which interpolate round part features with ease, the...
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  11. Protolabs Launches 3D Printing Material 'MicroFine Green' for Micro Prototypes

    Posted by Kimmy Forshaw, 26-11-2018
    Protolabs remains at the forefront of 3D printing technologies with the release of their proprietary resin, MicroFine Green, specifically created for 3D printed parts that need ultra-high definition,...
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